Saturday, July 31, 2010

DIY - garlic nailhardener

Hey guys,

Is everybody enjoying their weekend?

Yesterday I read about a great do it yourself - tric on one of my favourite beauty blogs. I'm not one of the doomed people who got broken nails as soon as they're longer than their finger, but this nailhardener is also working great on my nails. I think this is a good-working, moneysaving tip for everyone who keeps sucking with regular nail hardeners.

All you need, is a transparent nail polish (I used Catrice - I can see trough you) and one toe of garlic.

1) Peel the garlic and cut it in tiny parts. Not too tiny - they have to fit in the bottle of nail polish, but you must be able to paint your nails without bonding garlic on the brush.
2) Let the nail polish rest for a week. Every day you have to shake the bottle a bit.

Tadaaah, here's your selfmade garlic nail-hardener!
I'm using it since three days ago, and it works perfectly.

Enjoy trying out & till next time! :)



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