Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Olive oil used as a beauty product

Hey guys,

Doesn't it sound weird? Yes, but actually it isn't. Our eyes only see the world oil, but you've too see the whole thing. We think: "I'm not going to do that, oil makes my hair and skin oily." But when you do it right, olive oil will make your hair soft and shiny and give you a soft skin. I know this post isn't about nailpolish, but I just have to share this awesome and money-saving tips with you guys :). Here are some tips to transform that green bottle in your kitchen into a beautyproduct.

1. Cuticle oil
If you rub a little drop of the oil into your cuticles, they'll be soft and easy to push back immediately. Make sure you removed all the oil before you start to polish your nails, because oily nails when you begin to paint your nails is not such a great idea, trust me.

2. Hair mask
Especially now, when it's this hot, this is a great idea. The sun is not your hair's best friend. And swimming is also not great for your hair. So when your hair is dry and dull, you can use olive oils as a hair mask. Use it like any ordinary mask, and wash your hair really secure because if there's still olive oil in your hair, yeah, then you'll end up with oily hair. Hehe.

3. Make-up remover
But a drop of olive oils on a wet cotton pad and use it to remove your eye make up. They say you can use it for removing your face make up too, but I shouldn't do that. I think it'll give you a lot of pimples.

4. Shaving oil
Using olive oil for shaving is a great idea. My skin always gets irritated when I use shaving gel, and this is a great solution.

5. Scrub
Last but not least; an olive oil scrub. All you need is sugar or salt, and of course olive oil. Mix the oil and suger in a bowl. You can make a real paste by using a lot of sugar, but you can also use relative more olive oil. Find out what works the best for you! :)

I think you can buy an extra bottle of olive oil for in the bathroom, am I right?

Enjoy trying out these tips, and till next time!



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