Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Catrice polish & layout problems

Hey guys,

You may have seen that sometimes the header is doing weird things. Excuse me, but I think blogger was hungry and decided to eate my site :(. I'm still bizzy with a good "fitting" header, you'll see! :)

I bought three new Catrice nailpolishes, and the swatches are going to be on the site as fast as I can photograph them... the weather is really bad. As soon as I can find some sun, i'll swatch them. Today I am wearing one of them, sooooo that's the first one you can expect! :)

Today was a bizzy day. I polished my grandma's nails, but - as dumb as I am - I forgot my camera. So there are no photos, but I think you can imagine a grandmother with limegreen nails, can't you? Love you gran!
I'm bizzy too with the how to for selfmade nailhardener.

So, now you know what you can expect, good night and I hope you'll get some sweat dreams ^^




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