Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hi guys,

This tutorial is inspired by a little gift I got from someone. I thought it was a great nail art design and made a tutorial for you^^. I have divided this tutorial in six steps, so you can easily keep up (I haven't photographed my nails with base- and topcoat but you do need them in this tutorial).

                     Step 1:

(After putting up your basecoat) paint your nails a cute light pink colour (I used (286)OysterPink by Rimmel London) and let it dry. When you have it all dried and egally spread over your nails, usually your second coat because light pink is mostly a very sheer colour, you can continue with step number two.

                     Step 2:

Paint a stripe of white nailpolish (I used (02)White Secret by Essence) in the center of your nail, then by using a dottingtool make the stripe a little ''lacylike''.

                     Step 3

Make some bows with a nail dottingtool or a nailpolish pen (I used French Manicure & Pedicure Pen by essence)

                     Step 4

Make 3 little red dots using a dottingtool or just a little drup of nailpolish (I used (11) So Glamourous by Essence) at the top of your nail.

                    Step 5

Make 3 little dots of white nailpolish on every red dot (I used (02)White Secret by Essence) and by using a toothstick mix the red with white.

                   Step 6

Make little with golden/green nailpolish and a dottingtool  ''sidewayshartslikeleafs'' =P next to every rose (I used Shade No. 26 by 2true). When it has dried you can use a topcoat.

Hope you enjoyed (and hoping for comments),


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