Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Nail Routine

Hey guys,

Today I show you my nail routine. Enjoy, and I hope you'll learn something, haha :)

First of all: NEVER CUT YOUR CUTICLES! You can still buy them, they miserable cuticle ruiners. Cuticle scissors. Sometimes their on a cuticle pusher! :( Tough I'll ask you, PLEASE don't use them.

A nail routine is all about taking care of your nails. It's not just paint your nails and go on with your life (whooh it sounds like a drug addict hahaah), and if you do: your nails won't thank you for that.

This is what I use:

- Cotton pad & Cotton swab
- Cuticle oil
- Nail file
- Hand Cream
- Base Coat that protects your nails, and make them healthy and unbreakable - yay! :D

Step 1
Get rid of you old nail polish. Use a aceton free remover.

Step 2
Rub Cuticle Oil into your cuticles (if you don't own any, use olive oil) and push back your cuticle. I use a cotton swab dipped in cuticle oil. Find out what works the best for you! :D If there's some oil on you nails, remove this with nail polish remover on a cotton pad.

Step 3
Give your nail a perfect shape - I usually shape my nails square or squoval.You can also use a buff file to make your nails smooth and shiny.

Step 4
Apply a base coat or a nail hardener to protect and strengthen your nails. I like to use my selfmade garlic base coat. After this you can paint your nails in the color whatever your want :D! End with a good sealing quick dry blablablabla top coat.

Step 5
Moisturize your hands and nails with a soft nice-smelling hand cream :). Look at my zen zen zen hand cream, haha. Use the one you like the most. Mine smells delicious! :D

Hope you learnt something - maybe you discovered a mistake in your usually manicure routine. Hey but remember, it's never too late too stop! ;)



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