Monday, August 16, 2010

Wipe out Flower Tutorial!!!

Hey ppl,

Today I'm going to show you how to create a beautiful flower on your nails without konad. I inspired this tutorial on an accident that I had with making a little cute flower on the top of my nail after that I wiped out one of the leafs I decided to do it on all of them and here is the result. The tutorial is divided in 8 steps for you without giving base- and topcoat a step because thats just a habitat. I painted this tutorial on the nails from my friend Iris, because my nails were still full of the Lacy Roses =P. Okay well let's start the tutorial!

Step 1:

Paint your nails with a ivory coloured nailpolish (I used (735) Pearly Pink by Max Factor). You just need one layer because the background doesn't need to catch attention.

Step 2 & 3:

First create five drups of purple nailpolish(I used The One And Only by Essence Multi colour dimension) in the form of a circle. Don't use a dottingtool because you need the drups to be thick. Now you have to create one white drup (I used (02) White Secret by Essence) in the center of the five purple drups. Again don't use a dottingtool. Don't let the drups dry when you start with the fourth step

Step 4:

With a toothpicker you have to go from the center of the white dot to the top of the upper purple drup, then go with the toothpicker from the center of the rests of the white dot to the end of the left purple drup and continue like this through the last three dots. When you have to less white you can add a very little drup. If it looks like my flowerlike wipe out on the left you can continue with step number 5.

Step 5:

Now use your toothpicker again and to stripe the mess next to the leafs into the center so you get the effect from the picture on the left.

 Step 6 & Step 7

First you have to make silver lines (I used Kiss Nailart Paint (SPA10) Glitter by Mac) out of the spaces between the leafs of the flowers to the bottom of your nails. Next you make dots at the left side of all the lines by using a dottingtool and some white nailpolish or a nailart pen (I used(02) White Secret by Essence)

Step 8

At last you make a little purple nailpolish (I used (541) Gasoline) dot by using a dotting tool in the center of the flower. Now (after drying) all you need is a topcoat and your nails are done!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial (and I hope you subscibe =))


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